About The Author

My name is:Alekso Svob

I am 12

Hair/eye color:hazelnut brown


Body type:average

I love baseball, basketball, and football. I love music and I love createing music i have a keyboard, guitar, and drums. My favorite kind of music is rap, hip hop, and r&b. I was born in granjuction colorado and grew up in portland oregon with my mom and my dad until i was 7 and then they divorced.

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Facts about Japan

.japan has one of the best school system

.japan is having a population shortage

.japan has foreign kids coming

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Japanese education

93% of the children get to high school, but Japan is facing a dramatically changing population. They also have a decreasing birth rate, one of the problems is that there are not enough students to fill the university. That means more foreigh students in there schools.

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Hello world!

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